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Robyn demonstrated compassion and empathy that can only come from a genuine internal integrity and value system. She was extremely sensitive to our needs and facilitated our decision-making to get us to the services that best met our needs. I will always be grateful for her professional guidance.
~ Jan   A. - 8/9/2019

The emotional shock of having lost a loved one with no warning is never an easy time to navigate all the necessary planning and coordination. Robyn provided exceptional service and support during this difficult time and throughout the process of saying goodbye, ensuring the needs of the family were met first. I truly appreciate the time and energy spent to make our parting farewells memorable and meaningful.
~ Rick   B. - 7/25/2019

We have been very impressed with how well everything was handled from the very beginning of the planning of my mother's death suddenly to the delivery of the flowers after her service have been beyond anything we could of ever expected. The compassion the entire staff has/provided during this difficult time has been far beyond. We can't thank you all enough!
~ Melissa   L. - 7/24/2019

The service of the staff, particularly Maggie and Chris, was excellent. They returned telephone calls promptly and always took the time to explain things to me. 
~ Nancy   H. - 7/9/2019

From my first call to Penwell-Gabel to arranging to pick up my son's ashes, my needs were met promptly and with great attention to detail. All of the staff was amazing; however, Robyn truly went above and beyond. She made the process so easy and was very attentive and proactive to my needs. I truly cannot find enough words to express my gratitude. I hope to not need any services in the future, but if I do, Robyn is the lady!
~ Shelley   G. - 6/28/2019

Maggie was very kind, helpful and knowledgeable. She was very easy to work with and very professional.
~ Michelle   M. - 6/20/2019

During a time of grief and loss with the death of our father, your organization was amazing. Olivia took care of all the arrangements with professionalism and compassion. She took all the cares of the funeral out of our hands. We have had many people tell us that our fathers funeral was the most touching they have ever attended. Thank you Olivia and Penwell-Gabel.
~ Gerald   D. - 6/6/2019

From the greeter to our director, Robyn, everyone we worked with made our unexpected loss of our mom easier. We are more than satisfied with the care they provided us and our dear Mom. Fifteen years ago Penwell also took care of our sweet sister's arrangements. We were impressed then and still are. Thank you so much for all your care and attention.
~ Crystal   C. - 6/4/2019

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